Finished: The Road

Today I finished reading The Road. It was a goal of mine to finish reading it by the end of the month and so I have, with three days to spare.

I really, really enjoyed this book. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was initially a bit bored by it and it’s lack of outward action but I soon changed my mind as I got to know the two protagonists, the man and his son. I found myself getting upset at the end of my bus trips where I would have to put it back into my bag and wait some hours to be able to pick it up again.

As I got further into the book I felt deeply for the two protagonists and really got a great sense of their despair and isolation. McCarthy’s writing was just incredible; his description of the destroyed landscapes, the grey, dead beach.

“Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world”

I found his writing style was a great juxtaposition with the theme/ time/ plot of the novel. I enjoyed the way he would give us small glimmers of hope as the man and his son stumbled upon a cellar fully stocked with food, water, bedding and clothes, then would tear it away as they ran out of food again and saw no hope of making it to their destination. The naivety, innocence and kindness of the son was really endearing and the fierce protection the man provided over him was incredible. Their relationship was beautiful and just heartbreaking.

All in all I’m so glad I read The Road. Absolutely wonderful book.


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