At the beginning of this year I decided I should stop being fat and lazy (something I think very often), but this time I actually took action and started exercising (my main motivation at the time was not wanting to look like a fatty boomba in my Maid of Honour dress at my best friend’s wedding). I started the C25K program with the RunDouble app and actually completed it! I was doing really well and was really impressed with myself as I have never, ever been an athletic person and have always been very adamantly anti- sports (sporty people were always the antithesis of broody, cynical me). The program genuinely worked and I truly thought I was onto a form of exercise which I could sustain and continuously work to achieve more goals with. This was all well and good until winter when my then un-diagnosed exercise induced asthma came out in full swing and I just could not motivate myself to leave the coziness of indoors for the near- Arctic conditions of the Sydney winter (that’s what it felt like to me anyway).

During my second semester of uni I decided to write an article about running and sign up for an 8km fun run in order to motivate myself to get back out there. It was hard but I was doing well and I was continuously improving on my 5km time (PB – 33.30). After the 8km fun run (a tough 53:35) I lost it again and in the few runs I’ve gone on since I’ve performed dismally. It’s extremely frustrating to see how months of improvement can go out the window just from a couple of weeks laziness. One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to track my running progress and to ensure I can make goals and stick to them. I really enjoyed running and got so into it. I’d be a fool to have made so much progress this year and to not continue with it. I’m thinking of joining a running club next year but for now I’ll keep going myself every second night.

I’m still unsure of what training plan will be best to achieve my goal but tomorrow I will scour to look at my options.

Goal: to run a PB of 30 minutes for 5km by 31st December, 2014


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